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Wedding entertainment:

Indian weddings are famous for the grandeur it provides and of the entertainment items involved with it. The emergence and the success of certain Bollywood films depicting rich Indian cultures and entertainment based on huge joint families have further led to the increase of interest to celebrate weddings in a similar style that reflects Bollywood films.

Music and Dances
Entertainment is an inherent part of the big fat Indian Wedding. Children, young and old alike all indulge in heavy amount of dancing and singing reacting to the tunes of chart busting songs from Bollywood and other regional hit songs. DJs are specifically hired for the purpose of organizing and playing the songs to suit the mood and the rhythm of the party. In fact, entertainment is so fulfilling for all the people involved, young or old, kids, married women, relatives and friends dance to their heart's content.

Playful Moments
Girl friends of the bride also take the opportunity and chance to tease others. In fact, the custom of hiding the shoes of the groom by the bride's family and asking the grooms friends to give them money in return for the groom's shoes is a hilarious and a fun moment of the entire ceremony.

Foods are indeed part of the attraction as well, and leave a heavy impact on the mood of the guests and all others. It is only when the stomach is full that our heart learns to take it easy.

Children and Others
For the children, it is like reaching the absolute height of entertainment and fun. Following their own schedules, kids dance to the music, run all around and simply go berserk. For the males, many after drowning in alcohol give in to celebrate. The woman folks, also led go of all their inhibitions and all restrictions to shake a leg.