Life Before and After Wedding

Wedding is a crucial stage in the life of the bride and the groom. During the event, they vow to each other and accept new responsibilities of married life. The auspicious occasion of marriage is not the one-day affair rather preparations start well before the event. Matching the horoscope, choosing the venue, caterer, shopping and many more are some preparations that ought to be done for the lifetime occasion. The families of both the bride and the groom will have no time to relax between these wedding preparation days.

As the D-Day is coming near, the bride is jittering with certain questions in her mind like what type of wedding dress can suit her or how she must behave at the wedding event? Several queries are also running in groom's mind. At the wedding ceremony, both the bride and the groom leave every question behind and perform various rituals and traditions to become husband and wife. Once the wedding day ceremonies come to end, the bride has to leave her parental home and live with her in-laws forever.

At the beginning of their married life, the newly wed couple has to understand each other's feelings. A nice honeymoon trip can play a big part in this regard. Life is all about enjoyment and emotions. So, a married life is not always about happy memories. There can be some misunderstandings between the nuptial couple that can lead to worse consequences. If the couple has respect to each other, then no problem can spoil their relationship.

Hence, a new married life is like a brittle relationship, but only respect and love can make it strong for forever. At here, you will come to know about the life before and after wedding.