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Bridging the Emotional Gaps

Marriage begins as a whole new journey in life and is filled with much joy, happiness. But over the years, daily differences that have the potential to alienate the couples will develop.

The initial blissfulness and the level of excitement go down after years of living together. Both the spouses become so accustomed to each other, that they ultimately feel the absence of any sparks between them.

Resolving crisis
Differences and clash of opinions also comes up frequently when you were in relationship before marriage, or during the period of courtship. But, during those days one of the couple is always willing to turn back, give up his or her ego and are totally bent of pleasing the other. This way argument doesn't take the issue to an alarmingly level.

Many a time, it has been said that couples need their own breathing spaces, to maintain a comfort level. One may point that the presence of a strong intuition within the self when it comes to sensing the deep psychological thoughts of another person woman included. The idea of being soul mate and lovebirds is impossibility in the context of today's hectic modern schedule.

The myth behind breathing space
The most clich├ęd phrase in any relationship is the "breathing space". You don't nag your spouse about the trouble that's bothering him because you think he will sort it on his own and it is better to leave him alone. But this can lead to space transforming into monumental distance.

Resolving the fight
It is always advisable to hold your tongue while enraged but then keeping up little things bottled up within yourself is not at all the thing to do. It will come out with ten times as much force and only spoil the equations further.