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Reviving Romance in Marriage

After being together for so many years married couple loses interest on one another. They just got accustomed to each other and become so familiar, pre-marital romance that they actually brought them together simply vanishes in thin year. The husband maintains focus in his work, while the wife remains occupied in maintaining the daily household affairs. Love eventually seems to have lost its rhythm.

Deeply involved communication is one of the keys to bring lost love alive in marriage. The usual general husband wife talk on maintaining the daily family necessities is not the answer. Most of this scenario comes as a result of decreasing level of deep and meaningful communication between the couple. This relates to sharing of deep feelings, dreams, hopes, and fears. This on the other hand helps increase certain level of intimacy which had declined considerably.

Plan activities together, take her on a date. Why should couples who were crazily craving for each other company before marriage stop going out. Take her for a romantic evening on the weekends. A walk around the lake, nothing has to be expensive, a simple date. The purpose is to help you reconnect after going through the pressures associated with modern life.

Married couples must understand that love flourishes when both the partners are supportive of each other's feeling and wishes. Any uncomfortable items that develops between the partners and is not easy to talk about must not be ignored. In fact, both must make extra effort and be courageous to bring the matter out in the open and share what has been troubling you. Forcibly doing things will destroy trust and create problems that will add further to your inherent frustration. Above all, it should always be remembered that patience and understanding is the key to the success of a happy marriage.