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Be your Wife's Best Friend

For both the bride and the groom, marriage is a new beginning. Even more for the wife, the new journey is manifold as she has to leave behind almost everything in her life that she grew up with. Her parents, relatives, friends, the house where she grew up, the list is long.

You must know that your wife is in an environment of unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar people. It is natural for her and anybody to feel alienated in such an environment. She will face problems trying to settle down and get comfortable around such places. There are quite a few ways for you to become your wife's best friend.

Women Talks
One of the basic differences between man and woman are that the weaker sex talk to de- stresses them. They want to be listened of their problems. It is advisable that you be there to listen and do nothing. If she wants something to be fixed, she will just ask you. So, listening to her is very important.

Romance Her
Your wife needs to be given the same compassion and love any man would give to their new lovers. With all the responsibilities bestowed upon her for maintaining the household chores, she does need a break from her mundane existence. Wives long for love from their husbands. Simply telling her how much you love her daily works wonder.

Try spending more quality time with your wife as well, and also give them a sense of security, the warm feeling of assurance that there is always someone who would stood by them, no matter what.