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Bachelor Parties: The single Man's last day out

The groom's last day as a single man has developed to be an important occasion with the advent of American culture and inroad of MTV lifestyle and Hollywood movies. Bachelor parties are celebrated as a day to enjoy for the last time the limitless ways of having fun. The general idea of a great bachelor party is to hang out with close friends and drown in the sea of liquors. In the US such parties are carried out at night clubs with strippers entertaining them. Some do prefer to bask in the sun or just spend the time in swimming pools sipping on to more and more drinks. That is the American way.

India may have embraced new ideas in recent years, but the core ideals of moral and religious upbringing still dominates every aspect of their behaviour and actions. Thus, as an instance there can be no way strippers could be arranged to set fire the night. It is not only illegal but also simply unacceptable in the context of the Indian social values.

For those staying in the metropolitan cities, hitting night clubs and bars for the one last huzzah and drinking pegs of Old Monk, Bacardi is a great option. In Mumbai, Juhu beach and Bandra are great places to hang out.

For those who are in the cities where there is no night club, an overnight trip is another option. If you are ready to fork out some money, Goa is an ideal location to spend the precious time with your mates. You are assured of a great weekend with the presence of international DJs, like minded party goers. There are casinos, night clubs, and sailboats to augment further entertainments. So, take a heap and enjoy the life.

For the super rich, Dubai is a foreign locale where having a great time is guaranteed. Firstly, it is just three hours flight. That is equivalent for a journey between Mumbai and New Delhi.