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Handling Marital Storms:

Marriage is a huge responsibility for both the bride and the groom. It embarks on a journey where you have to make numerous compromise and commitments. You have to leave certain amount of independency and habits you had earlier indulged in before your marriage. There is a high possibility that the regular daily activities of your husband's family is in contrast with that of the one you had accustomed to in your maternal home.

If yours is an arranged marriage, there is much possibility that there might be clash of personality between you and your new husband, much after the initial excitement has subdued. This is when the real issue of marriage starts. The small little behavior that you earlier found to be sweet and cute might transform into one of extreme irritation.

Apart from the professional help you would take for solving marital woes, it is your huge responsibility that you exert some change in yourself and make lot of sacrifice if you want to maintain peace and happiness in the long run. Be honest with the marriage counselor. Take him to confidence and simply tell him the specific problems and not the just general ones. You have to say, what bothers you. Like say, if you want your spouse to help you in washing the after dinner or help you do the laundry.

Sex is another issue that has severe impact on husband wife relationship. Find out the root cause of the problem and share it, do not be afraid of telling certain thinking because you don't want to hurt his or her feelings. Communication and opening up is the key to any problems you have with your spouse. If you both love one another, and are to determined to keep your marriage well poised, it would not be a problem to work out things to achieve it, despite the fact the fact you have to sacrifice or compromise with several other issues.