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Moving on After a Broken Engagement

Breaking off an engagement is a shocking experience that is hard to swallow and has devastating consequences on the involved parties. Whatever you have dreamed and hoped for disappears in thin air and you are left alone wondering what went wrong. However, the simple solution for such an emotionally catastrophic moment is to move on and try starting a new life, and try your hand on something new with the help of a new approach and outlook.

True, things fall into pieces, but like any other enterprise in life, you need to hold on, accept the reality and tackle the challenges ahead. Certain ranges of emotions will crop up that will be hard to bear, among which excruciating pain and frustration will be the hardest to face.

There are many reasons, for which you may have broken off the engagement, but there are high chances you have underlying issues in your relationship that was not properly addressed and taken care of when you had time. It is mostly commonsense that you leave it behind. Besides, it is far better to end a relationship during the period of engagement than file for a divorce after an unsuccessful marriage.

Many people who have experienced broken engagements say that it was difficult at first but in the long run, it proved to be the wisest decision after all.

Certain things to help you in dealing with the issue are to consistently focus yourself on the reason why you are better of without your partner. Slowly, you can contemplate why you were attracted to the wrong person and make some internal changes. You also should pamper yourself with several things that support your well being. You must avoid any contact with your ex and if some arrangements are need to be done, it is best to be done through a friend.