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Love Marriages: New trend in India

There was a time when family and relatives would decide who you would spend the rest of your life with. And like the sacrificial lamb, you would just submit to their demands and the decisions of your elders to have an arranged marriage. No one would even care to ask for your opinion about how you feel about your spouse-to-be. It is just the way the society functions and is the unwritten rule that governs the life of a woman and a man in India. Your parents got married, and so have your grandparents, so it's been like this all the while and the argument is why the age old tradition should be changed. But the world has changed and so have India. Today, both man and woman get to meet one another in many ways and develop bonds and relationship long before the idea of marriage comes up.

Young people seek to find out the right person and want to know and learn about the person whom they would be committed to for the rest of their lives. So, when it comes to marriageable age, youngsters generally have their partners and do not seek their relatives to find for them the right one. However, one cannot afford to ignore the intricate, complex and concerned feelings of the elders as regards to the choice of their spouses.

The trend of introducing your special one to your family is fast catching up in the country. This has more to do with woman introducing their boyfriends to their family members. The logic is to seek their approval and get their nod for agreement to their union as lovers and later as husband and wife. There are many ways in which you can ease in your man to your circle. You can invite him for a cup of tea or a dinner to your home. The purpose would be to let your circle know that your guy is a nice man and that you want to spend your rest of your life with the man you know and love rather than be the wife of a stranger for whom you have not a clue about his personality or whether you will ever truly love him.