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Space in a Relationship

Respecting each other space in a relationship is very much important to continuously embark on healthy emotional bonds. Women need to realize that men have their whole behaviour programmed on a different level. Men love independency and the freedom to exercise his time according to his own pleasures. This has to be respected. To prevent him from mixing his friends for some quality time will only add to mounting frustrations in your relationship with him.

Men's way of de- stressing is way different from that of women. A woman may pour upon whatever things she had in my mind to her best friend over the phone and feel a great amount of relief after the experience. Men however, doesn't do that, as simple as that. He would rather have a quite drink with his buddy and talk of something totally unrelated like politics or the stock market conditions, for him this would be his ways of a distressing moment.

A man would rather spend a quite evening having beer and watching a game of soccer. A woman must understand that if she doesn't want to distress him over the slightest of issue, she must give him space and certain level of liberty he desires.

Constantly calling up a man to ask him where he is will drive him nuts. For a woman, to be called by her man while being with her friends may be a matter of proud that her man cares for her. However, man doesn't interpret it the same way. Calling him up too frequently will make him feel like he is being stalked and inquiring about his locations.