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Overcoming Infidelity in Marriage

Many a time, marriages are affected by the inclination of a partner outside the circle. In fact, unfaithfulness of one's partner can be the most painful experience for the suffering spouse. Unfaithfulness inflicts greater pain than physical abuse, sexual abuse of the children. Counselors have admitted this on the basis of their experience of their clients. There are several instances when you can realize something is not totally right with your partner. There are behavioral changes. The other spouse begins to give reasons and asks for excuses for things that are not normal and is not like them.

The Truth
Restoring the lost love in your marriages after the affair is either discovered or admitted is a hard labour. The unfaithful spouse will face withdrawal symptoms, and have to bear the painful consequences of separation. The most important thing that is required to rebuilt trust and restore the things that was there earlier is to admit the mistake committed and take a harden stance of not meeting or communicating with the concerned lover, no matter what. If the lover is around the unfaithful spouse, it is almost impossible to break free from the vicious relationship.

The Challenges
The road ahead would be a difficult one after admitting of an affair. The initial discovery would devastate or plunge your partner to a state of shock, rage, emotional breakdown. But, the pain could be healed in a matter of days or weeks although the memories would haunt you for a lifetime. However if both the sides are willing to give another try to their marriage and shares a mutual goal of saving your marriage, it should not be hard to pursue.

Another important thing that needs to be emphasized and adopted is the virtue of forgiveness. The spouse who has been betrayed must realize that it is only his willingness to take her back that will yield new results and perhaps bring the lost sparks and develop a new emotional connection between the duo, that had earlier threatened the marriage at the first place.