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Ensuring an Error Free Marriage

Even after ascertaining all things for a successful wedding, there is this lingering fear that something might spilled out.

Unexpected it may be, but certain general stuffs that could assume disappointing proportions could be tackled before hand.

Of all the most probability is a guest who might be a friend or relative getting drunk and causing annoyance to the other guests. Free flow of alcohol may be greatly appreciated by the guests in your reception party, but check out if cocktails and mixed alcohol could be avoided as it intoxicates someone much quicker. Moreover, it is advisable that if you have a guest who has a history of alcohol problem, you should tell an older person to talk to him or asking somebody to be at least conscious of his proceedings. It might be perceived as rude but it is better than ruining others moment of fun and enjoyment.

A bride should make sure that she does not change her daily skin care routine with a product that she has never tried before even though it promises wonderful results. This is not a time for experiment. Chances are there that a new product might prove sensitive and allergic to the facial skin. Prior to marriage, maintenance plan to deal with acnes, marks should be pursued after consulting a dermatologist. In fact, taking vitamins and required water intake is good for having a glowing skin.

In order to avoid missing important things to buy, make a list and assign a close person to cross check if something has been left out or not.

A bride’s nightmare is having period on the marriage day. Medical experts suggest that to postpone the period is to start off on oral contraceptive pills one cycle prior to the wedding. Instead of stopping on the 21st day, continue taking the pills till the time you want your period to come.