Sangeet Ceremony
Wedding in India are elaborate and fun filled events. Wedding ceremonies are divided into pre wedding main day and post wedding ceremonies. Sangeet Ceremony is one of the important pre wedding rituals and held at the bride's place a few days before the main day of wedding. It is the Ceremony where both the families meet and enjoy the moments by singing, dancing and merrymaking. This wedding ritual is making inroads across all the communities and regions.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony is one of the most fun filled traditional events. The ceremony is performed at the bride's house few days before the wedding. In Sangeet Ceremony families from both sides meet each other and sing, dance along. This ceremony makes the family members from both the sides comfortable. Traditionally the event used to take place in only north Indian weddings. But now-a-days, the trend of Sangeet Ceremony is taking place in south Indian and Bengali marriages also.
The Sangeet Ceremony takes place after the Mehendi ceremony. The ladies from the bride's side sing various melodious songs in this ceremony. Actually this custom belongs to North India. All the Punjabi and Uttar Pradeshi wedding carry out this custom. The ritual is a part of official engagement and it takes place before the main wedding day.

In North India this custom is very important as the families of both bride and the groom come together at this event. The occasion is full of fun and enthusiasm which makes the families comfortable with each other. Through this ritual, families have fun and get to know each other. During this ceremony ladies ding various songs on the beat of "Dholak". The songs also have some meaningful lyrics which describes the family members and their natures. The songs also tell the importance of marriage in life.

Special features
For many years the songs traditional songs were sung. But in modern day Sangeet Ceremony, themes are involved. Family members dress up according to the theme and also sing the songs accordingly. Even though the tradition was restricted to the North India for long time, recently South Indian weddings are also adapting the trend. The custom has become so popular that a wedding is incomplete without Sangeet Ceremony. Whatever may be reason to carry out the custom, but it surely spreads joy and happiness amongst the families.
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