Designer Wedding Mandaps

Designer Wedding Mandaps

Wedding is the sacred bond of two lives. In the event, both the bride and groom chant religious hymns to confirm their relationship for the whole life. The couple practices this ritual on a particular place, which is called as 'mandap'. The mandap or canopy is the magnificent illustration of prosperity and sacred conformity between the bride and groom. But perhaps the most attractive part of wedding mandap is its decoration. It is supported by four pillars that signify the parents of both the bride and groom along with sacred fire which is the witness to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Mandap Designs

Mandap is the traditional ritual in the Indian wedding but with the passage of time various modern wedding mandap designs are being used at the event. Some of them are:

Designer Flower Four Pillars Crystal Fiber Mandap One of the most widely used wedding mandap designs is designer flower four pillars crystal fiber mandap. It would look pretty and can attract anyone at the big ceremony.

Crystal Designer Wedding Mandaps Make your dreams into reality at crystal designer wedding mandap. This design of wedding mandap can add more charm into your most special day.

Royal Fiber Crystal Round Wedding Mandap If you have proper budget for the wedding ceremony, then you can locate royal fiber crystal round wedding mandap at the venue. It would look the best particularly with royal wedding theme.

Six Pillar Mandap with Entrance & Chair Covers Six pillar mandap is the new trends in Indian weddings. Traditionally it is incorporated with four pillars but nowadays some people locate six pillars along with entrance and chair covers for their D-Day.

Golden Carved Mandap with Entrance Golden carved mandap with entrance is another latest trend when it comes to wedding mandap designs. Many people enjoy its designs with gold sparkled at the top. It is also added by magnificent entrance for the couple and the relatives.

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