Wedding Reception Dress for Bride

Wedding Reception Dress for Bride

Weddings in India are the events of lifetime that always bring fun and celebrations for the people. The bride and groom, in particular, have dreams in their eyes of becoming the most charming and attractive at the D-Day. The couple devotes their life to each other by performing traditional rituals and customs during the days of their wedding. After tying the knot with each other at the wedding, the bride and groom attend their very first party called wedding reception. They would surely like to wear comfortable and attractive clothes at the party to be the focus point of everyone. The bride, especially, will have to look the most pretty at the ceremony because the in-laws are welcoming her as their member.

Here are some options for Indian wedding reception dress for bride:


The most traditional Indian bridal dress for wedding reception is lehenga-choli or ghagra choli. There are multiple designs available for such wear such as gold zari, blend fabrics, silk threads and many more, which you can choose for your reception party. As far as color is concerned, red and maroon are the most preferable but alternatively you can also select baby pink and cream.


There is one traditional Indian wear, which will not remain out of fashion for forever and it is Indian Saree/Sari. The colorful sarees with well designed blouses will make you the most gorgeous face at the party. You can choose the color of sari that can suit your outlook and body.


Western outfits, cholis with pants, short kurtas with salwars can be the perfect wedding reception wear if you are seeking for some modern trends. But it should be at par with your beauty and must be in appropriate color. Alternatively, you can opt for red, pink orange, yellow and blue for the wedding reception dress.

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