Wedding Feast

Wedding Feast

Food is an important part of the auspicious occasion like wedding. It is the traditional Indian way of serving the guests with palatable cuisines of different tastes. As a host, you would certainly like to make this event a lifetime experience for all the guests. India is a multicultural nation in which everything is different but the value remains the same. Similar things apply to food items. One can find wide variety of delicious food from north India to south or from east to west India. The different tastes of food are also applied at the wedding ceremonies held across India. Few of them are given below:

North Indian Wedding Food

There is no comparison when it comes to north Indian wedding food. Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer and Mixed Veg are some of the north Indian dishes, which are preferred in occasions like wedding. Apart from that, you can also add finger food, snacks, juices, coffee, soft drinks and many more.

South Indian Wedding Food

The south Indian wedding food is more traditional in nature when compares to other dishes in India. The wedding food is served on banana leaves with the guests sitting on the floor. Besides the feast, the bride's family also offers lemon juice, fruit juice and coffee.

Western Indian Wedding Food

When it comes to west India, Maharashtrian wedding are worth to watch. The food in western Indian wedding is usually vegetarian and corporate with onion or garlic. Apart from Maharashtrian wedding, the Gujarati wedding consists of snacks, drinks along with Rotli, daal or kadhi, vegetables and rice.

East Indian Wedding Food

In the Bengali marriage, the main food is comprised of Potol Posto (veg), Begun and Bhaja (veg), Macher Kaalia (fish), Muri Ghonto (non veg), apart from Roshogulla (Sweets) and Mishti Doi (sweet curd).

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