Griha Pravesh Ceremony

Griha Pravesh Ceremony

Wedding is the sacred bond of bride and groom. At the auspicious occasion, the parents of bride offer her hands to the groom and pray for her better future at in-laws. On the other hand, the groom accepts to take every responsibility of his better half throughout the life. He promises to them that he'll perform all the duties perfectly to care of her daughter. With all the blessings of guests and relatives, bride goes to the house of her groom after saying thank you to her parents.

At the groom's house, everyone is standing at the entrance of home, particularly the ladies, to welcome wholeheartedly the newly married couple. When the bride and groom arrive at the home, the ladies perform the ceremony of 'Griha Pravesh' for the bride. In the north Indian wedding, the Griha Pravesh ceremony maintains a huge significance. In fact, it is the traditional Indian way of welcoming the newly wed bride.

During the Griha Pravesh ceremony, bride pushes a jar or kalash containing rice by her right toe at the entrance. After that, she enters within the house by stepping her right leg first. The ceremony of Griha Pravesh illustrates that the family of groom has welcomed the bride from the bottom of the heart and accepted her as one of the integral member of their family. At some places in India, the bride also tells her husband name at the entrance and then enters to the home.

Hence, the post-wedding Griha Pravesh ceremony is the medium in which the bride puts first step at her in-laws and starts a new passage in her life.

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