Reception is one of the most important post wedding ceremonies. The prime significance of this ceremony is that it is an occasion to introduce the bride to the grooms family and relatives. The way and rituals of the receptions may vary from one region to other but the basic thing remains the same. The wedding reception is observed just a day after the wedding and celebrated with fun, enthusiasm and great food.


A post wedding reception ceremony is one of the most important post-wedding rituals in India. However, the details of the reception ceremony vary from religion to religion and place to place. Hence each of these groups is guided by their own traditions and norms. Usually, the reception ceremony is celebrated just a day after wedding. This is a post-wedding function, in which, all the elder members, friends and relatives from both the families gather and celebrate with the newly wedded couple. It is a first public appearance of the couple after wedding where they get the blessing and gifts from the community and relatives.
Reception is like an extension of the marriage festival. In most of the cases, a lavish cuisine and excellent dishes are served to the guests and relatives. Music and dance add glitter in the function. Reception is a kind of party, or a jovial acquaintance of bride to the groom's community. This ceremony does not comprise any heavy customs like in other wedding ceremonies.
Special features
Now-a-days, the reception ceremony is seen as the elaborated entertainment element. Music and dance performers are being hired from all over the world, to entertain the guests. Some reception ceremonies have cultural programs to add a dash of color to the ceremony.
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