Sagan Ceremony
Sagan Ceremony is one of the integral parts of the Punjabi weddings. The weddings in Punjab are marked by great pomp and show. Punjabis have no upper limits of celebrations when it is the time for wedding. Sagan ceremony is the first ceremony in elaborate Punjabi Weddings. This ritual is performed at the groom's house or in a banquet hall and attended by a constellation of guests. This ceremony is held ahead of weddings.

Sagan Ceremony

Punjabi weddings are famed for their grandeur and opulence. Punjabis pull all stops when it comes to celebration and their wedding frequently resembles a carnival. Sagan is the first ceremony in a Punjabi Wedding preceding a long list of rituals. Sagan Ceremony is usually performed in the groom's house or in a banquet hall if the number of guests is more. The Sagan Ceremony is usually held ten or twelve days before the day of the marriage. The girl's family visit the groom's carrying 'tikka' material and wrapped gifts. Sagan is basically a ceremony where the relatives from both the sides get to know each other.
During the ceremony, the pundit performs a sacred fire ceremony 'havan'. Thereafter the entire bride's relatives and friends bless the groom and offer him sweets and gifts. Sagan Ceremony is followed by the ritual of Chunni Sadan.

Nowadays both Sagan Ceremony and Chunni sadan are combined for the sake of convenience. Chunni Chadana is the occasion when the boy's parents and relatives visit the girl's house. The boy's sister or sister in law presents a red 'Chunni' or a red sari to the bride. After the bride is dressed up in the sari, she is lead into the ceremonial venue. The groom's mother then gives her gifts and adorns her with jewelry. The mother in law feeds the bride with porridge of boiled rice and milk. A tiny dot of Mehendi is applied on her palm for good luck. The bride and groom then exchange rings and are given gifts in cash and kind by the relatives and friends of the groom.

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