Mehendi Ceremony
Hindu weddings in India have a lot of interesting rituals and practices. The Mehendi Ceremony is one of these pre wedding ceremonies having a great significance. This pre-wedding ritual is an important part of any Hindu wedding and celebrated at the bride's place. This wedding ritual is performed with great zeal attended by a lot of friends and relatives. The ceremony is observed by applying henna paste on the brides hand in beautiful design. Apart from Hindu weddings this ceremony is observed in some other communities also.

Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi Ceremony is a fun filled Hindu wedding ritual that is mostly celebrated at the bride's place. Today the pre-wedding ceremonies in India are not just a small affair where only family members and friends get together, but it is celebrated on a large scale. There are different religions in the country with different traditions and ritual that have their own way of celebrating the Mehendi Ceremony. In the ceremony, the female friends and relatives apply turmeric paste on the bride's hands, feet and face. A beautiful design is drawn on the hands of the bride that is usually done by an expert.
There is a deep significance in the ritual of Mehendi Ceremony. It signifies the love during marriage and it is highly fortunate if the bride is able to retain the colour of Mehendi for a long time, which signifies love from her husband. The ceremony is accompanied with a lot of dancing and cheerfulness and females take the major part in the Mehendi Ceremony. It is a pre-wedding ceremony that is held a couple of days before the main wedding ceremony where vibrant music, colourful dresses, pulsating instrumentals and enthusiastic dancing light up the function.

Henna is the most preferred Mehendi and other forms of henna like Al-henna, Al-Khanna, Mendee, Jamaica Mignonette and Egyptian Privet also play a great role in the Mehendi Ceremony.

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