Mandap Ceremony
Hindu wedding in India are elaborate affairs celebrated with fun and fervor. The wedding ceremonies which last for four to five days offer great chances of merrymaking. The weddings that are classified in pre-wedding main day and post-wedding ceremonies have several interesting rituals and ceremonies to be performed. The mandap ceremony is one such ceremony performed on the main day. This ceremony is held at the brides place.

Mandap Ceremony

A Hindu wedding is a mainly four to five day event that keeps the whole family engaged. Each of the days has its own significance due to the various rituals that are performed during the day. The pre wedding ceremonies like the mehndi, sangeet and the engagement is followed by the main day celebrations which consist of the Var Mal and the Mandap ceremony. All the ceremonies are mainly held at the house of the bride at an open place which is beautifully decorated. The ceremonies take place in this mandap.
After the completion of the Var Mala ceremony the bride and the groom are taken to the mandap. It is normally made up of red and silver colour which symbolizes prosperity and its four pillars symbolize the parents of the bride and the groom. The four pillars symbolize thankfulness for the important role that parents have played in bringing up the children and guiding them in every situation of difficulty and in the times of need. The wedding takes place in front of the holy fire which acts as a witness to the wedding.

Some of the rituals that are performed during the Mandap ceremony constitute of the Kanyadan and the Saat Phere. Kanyadan is the ritual by which the bride is wedded to the groom by her parents. The Saat Phere is the ritual when the bride and the groom take seven circulations around the holy fire that symbolizes that they will be together for the next seven lives or Janams.

Special features
The mandap is beautifully decorated by the family of the bride which is the main center of attraction in the whole Mandap ceremony. Mandap is the venue where the Hindu wedding should take place according to the rituals.
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