Mandap Decoration

Mandap Decoration Tips

According to the Hindu traditions, all the wedding rituals have to be performed at well decorated mandap, which is a four-pillar canopy put up at the midst of the wedding stage. Different parts of the country have varied ways of decorating the mandap but the purpose would be same i.e. to wish for the better future of bride and groom who are going to start their new relationship. Moreover, the mandap is located to practice all the rituals such as tying the mangalsutra, seven vows, vermilion ceremony and exchange of jaimala (garlands). Thus, wedding mandap should be eye-catchy and decorative. At here you will find various tips that you can use while decorating your wedding mandap.

  • Choose wedding mandap with eye-catchy color. You have the option of choosing either bright color such as red and silver or deep gold and red colors for your wedding mandap. You would also like pink or green color to put extra glare on the wedding mandap decoration.
  • You can decorate your wedding mandap with both natural and artificial flowers. The most preferred flowers are roses, marigold, jasmine, carnations, lilies, orchid and many more. The flowers can keep you fresh while tying the knot with each other.
  • If you have the theme-based wedding, then choosing the mandap design as per relative theme would be better for you.
  • You also have the option of using silk drapes to cover the pillars of the mandap but it should be complimentary to the color chosen for the mandap.
  • Make your mandap more lightening by fixing dazzling lights on the pillars. As far as colors of the light are concerned, yellow color lights are considered as the best for wedding mandap decoration.

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