Love Marriages
Love marriages as a form of marriage are getting popular with every passing day. Love is one of the most pious sentiments gifted by the god to human beings. Love has to end in marriage otherwise it will be devaluated to flirting. There cannot be a more beautiful thing than two people in love decides to embark on a new life journey together.

Love Marriages

There has been a growing trend of love marriages worldwide. According to love marriage mythologies, four types of love are the pillars that give rise to a complete and successful marriage. Agape, Phileo, Storge and Eros are these pillars which are very essential to make love marriages successful. The main difference in love marriage as compared to arranged marriage is that, couples know each other very well and are in love prior to their marriage. They know the compatibility level between themselves, which is very important for a happy life after marriage.
Generally all the rituals and customs that are followed in arranged traditional marriages are followed in the love marriages. Some common rituals as per the Hindu marriages are as follows -- Sagai, Ladies sangeet, Mehendi, Ghurchadai, Barat, Mala ceremony, Saat Phere, Vidai, Repection etc.
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Love marriages are believed to last long due to the already existing compatibility between the bride and the groom. As per Agape love, husband and wife have to lay down their lives for each other, no matter how many times they suffer from ill feelings. Affection or Phileo love toward each other is also an integrated part of love marriage. The couple enjoy each others' company and share their life space and this is Storge love. The passionate love encompassing sensual cravings are part Eros love.
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