Love-Arranged Marriages
Love is essence of life and one of the pre- requisites for marriage. Every couple in love want to culminate their relationship into marriage in a manner accepted by the society and it is how the love- arranged marriages came into being. Although this form marriage doesn't have wide acceptability but slowly and steadily the society is giving acceptance to this form of marriage

Love-Arranged Marriages

In India, a love marriage is not considered as the traditional one. Rather the concept of the love marriage is discarded by many parents as it is a taboo in the Indian community. Traditionally, the parents choose the partners for their children. However, now many of the boys and girls prefer to choose their partner and decide about their life-partners all on their own. Hence, the concept of love-arranged marriages is growing rapidly in the Indian society. It is a sort of a love marriage that is further arranged by the families of both the sides.
The concept of love-arranged marriages came into picture when the modernity in Indian society started increasing. Arranged marriages are still the basis of any Indian wedding. In arranged marriage systems, parents were the main people who decided about their children's life partners. They considered it as more secure and a perfect way to carry out the marriage ceremony. The parents give importance to various factors while arranging a marriage. These factors mainly consist of the caste, economical status of the family and status in the community.

The children however, did not like the idea to spend their lives with a person whom they never knew. The young boys and girls now find their life partners themselves. They look for the factors like education, nature and looks rather than the caste and money.

These kinds of love marriages are turned up into the arranged marriages by the combined efforts of the couple and their parents, thus called love-arranged marriages. The families from both the sides meet each other before finalizing the things. Though the parents usually don't object to their children's choice, they make sure that the person chosen by their child is worth.

This way, the love marriage is now called the love-arranged marriage. In love-arranged marriage, the issue of dowry doesn't arise. Families give gifts and money just as tokens of blessings. The further rituals and customs are carried out according to the traditional Indian marriages. If the religion is different, then the parents prefer to go for a court marriage rather than fighting over whose custom is to be followed.

Special Features
Love-arranged marriages are a perfect proposition for the young, independent minds. Parents are relieved of the stress and can avoid the running around that they do to search the perfect one. Altogether, a love-arranged marriage is a thoughtful proposition.
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