Court Marriages
Court marriages are fast catching up with the times, thanks to constitutional and legal support it enjoys. The couples who don't b want to spend a fortune for their weddings can opt for this type of marriage. Court marriages are most secular form of marriage, as these are mediated by jurist and there is absence of rituals and traditions. Indian legal system has a list of safeguards to make these marriages more feasible

Court Marriages

Court marriages are fast gaining importance in this world as people do not have the time to celebrate and are money conscious. Marriage in court also means that it is legally valid and hence, a marriage certificate is given to the couple. Being a court marriage, this marriage does not involve any religious ceremonies and they can be done after the marriage is registered in the court in front of the officer. Indian court marriages are performed under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and the marriage is held true between two Indians or a foreigner without any discrimination with regard to their religion and caste. These marriages are becoming popular with educated Indians who do not want to waste money on lavish celebrations. Couples who have fallen in love and are not allowed to get married by their parents, also prefer court marriages.
The customs involved in court marriages in India are not religious in nature, rather they are more of a legal affair. As the couple registers the marriage with the government records, it is without any celebrations. Anyhow, one can celebrate after the court proceedings are fulfilled. The first and the most important thing in the court marriage is that the age of the bride and the groom has to be verified by the authorities. The bride has to be 18 years old and the groom 21 years old. The couple has to approach the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of their region and carry documents like birth certificate, matriculation certificate or any other document that mentions the date of birth. Individual affidavits by the couple, proper application form and other requirements described in the Marriage Act of 1954 make the marriage legal after 30 days.
Special Features
The court marriages in India are different from the traditional Indian weddings. Couples go through a legal procedure to file documents and get their marriage certificate. The marriage becomes legalized after a 30-day notice. Celebrations and other things are decided by the couple after the marriage.
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