Inter Caste Marriages
Indian society is stratified into various castes and adheres to the strict rules of marriage. The young couples, for whom mutual liking is first and foremost thing for the marriage, often face difficulties when they find an eligible partner who doesn't belong to their caste. The inter-caste marriages in India are not common as the couples have to face protest from their families but good education can bridge the gulf.

Inter Caste Marriages

The Indian culture and society has still not been able to get rid of its caste system. Young couples belonging to different castes and religions find it very difficult to marry each other due to the protests from their families. Inter caste marriages are still seen as the blemish for the family and if the girl holds a modern outlook, she is treated as a rebel in the family. Education and exposure to other cultures of the world are slowly changing the way Indians look at inter caste marriages.

India is home to many religions and thousands of castes, although inter-religious marriages are not very frequent in the society as they meet with fierce protests from the families. Inter caste marriages are performed by the couples secretly or in a court, since parents do not allow for such commitments. Inter caste marriages in India mainly take place in cities where people are educated and know the importance of emotions of the couple.

Since the society and family of the couples do not approve the inter caste marriages, it is held in either temples or court with close friends and not many customs are observed. When the families of the couple approve of this marriage, the marriage can be held according to the traditional Indian style.

Not able to withstand the opposition from the society to their marriage , these committed lovers secretly tie the knot. The inter caste marriages have challenged the very foundation of the institution of marriage in India.
Special Features
The special features of these types of Indian Marriages are exactly opposite to the traditionally arranged marriages in India. The government is also supporting the inter caste marriages and the work of many NGOs in this field is proving to be path breaking.
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