Arranged Marriages
The institution of marrage has very deep roots in India and arranged marriages are predominant form of marriage, undisputedly. The modern era which is known for globalisation and a significant media influence arranged marriages as forms of marriage are still most accepted and popular form of marriage in Indian society. A lot of couples take pleasure to mould themselves according to the frame of arranged marriages.

Arranged Marriages

Concept of arranged marriages is very common in India . No matter how modern and developed India might have become , most of the Indian weddings are still arranged ones in the 21st century . In ancient India, child marriages took place and from then, the custom of arranged marriages started. Arranged weddings are usually arranged by the family members of the bride and the groom. The girl and the boy meet and then decide if they would want to get married.
Customs and rituals
Rituals and customs vary depending on the caste and religion of the two parties. India has various religions and castes with everyone following different rituals and customs. Arranged marriages in India are synonymous to the Indian culture and society. In arranged marriages, the girl and bride don't know each other well before wedding. These weddings have been successful traditions in Indian culture. One can find an ideal match for arranged weddings in newspapers, matrimonial websites, relatives or friends. People practice various customs and rituals for arranged marriages, although every tradition has a different set of customs that are to be followed.
Special Features
Arranged weddings have stood to be an important factor in upholding the cultural diversity of India. These days, people prefer arranged marriages to the other types of marriages . If the family of bride and groom agree with the wedding, then they plan a wedding program and follow the relevant customs.
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