Additional Items with Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Indian Wedding Invitation Add on Items

Marriage is the union of not only the two individuals but also of the two families and their culture. Indian weddings are considered as the most sacred events conducted in the family. The rituals and customs are very much indulged in the historical and traditional aspects of India. Therefore, apart from the wedding couple each and every member of the family would like to be part of this auspicious occasion. To invite the near and dear ones, the families of both the bride and the groom send invitation cards to them with some add on items.

Sending wedding invitation card is the beginning of the propitious occasion. Few years back, the invitation cards were just the invitation to the people but now they have become an essential part in the personal style and flair for the lifetime event of wedding. As a result, people have come a one step ahead by sending invitation card along with some add on items. These items can be dry fruits, sweets, religious signs, silver coins or some other gift items.

As the family of the bride and the groom, it would be better for you to have a particular wedding invitation theme that can easily recognize your style. In addition, you can also add thank you cards or RSVP cards. However, this section will focus on the various add on items that you can affixed to your wedding invitation card.

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