Jain Wedding Invitations
The Jain Wedding Invitations are decorated with popular sign and symbols of the Jain tradition. These signs are mostly of Jain tirthankar Mahavir and other symbol like palm, Swastika and some curves. The intent and purpose of the wedding invitation is same as in other religions like inviting friends and relatives to grace the occasions. The other symbols on the weddings invitation cards are a sketch of bride and groom and wedding procession.

Jain Wedding Invitations

The Jain Wedding Invitations comprise of various traditional symbols and designs. These are typically figures of Mahavir and a symbol containing a palm, Swastika and some curves. The other symbols that are carved on the invitation card are portraits of a bride or bride and groom, Havana place, musicians in the wedding and picture of a Baraat. These are beautifully designed cards which transfer the message from the hosts of the weddings to the guests.
The Jain Wedding Invitations are the examples of beautiful invitation cards. The cards are created specially on demand of the invitee. The Jain Wedding Invitations hold a special meaning and feeling to it.

One can see the invitation cards with lots of colors on it. Some of the Jain Wedding Invitations comprise of the design of a "Baarat" on it. The front page of the card is decorated with multiple colors like red, violet, orange and golden. This makes it a royal invitation. The pages inside it are light colored for the details about the wedding venue, time date etc.

Sometimes Jain Wedding Invitations reflect the idea of simplicity. The front page is colored in single tone such as red, orange or maroon. Small golden borders are provided on this background. No design is impressed on the front or inner page. Though the design is simple, the cards look elegant.

Jain Wedding Invitations are truly the combination of the simplicity and royal look. The royal cards are expensive, but grab the attention of the invited person. A card with purple colored front and lots of silver colored design on it is sure an eye catcher. These kinds of royal cards have two folds one having a traditional symbol on it while other housing the detail about the marriage.

The Jain Wedding Invitations reflect the love and emotions of the hosts. Be it a royal or a simple card the invitation reaches to the heart of the invited person.
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