Hindu Wedding Invitations
Hindu wedding Invitations are means to invite family and friends to grace the occasion. The invitations for the Hindu Marriages contain complete details and information regarding different ceremonies of the weddings. Most of the Hindu wedding invitations have auspicious signs and symbol of Hinduism. These invitation cards often act as a beautiful guide for guests as it gives complete information about various wedding rituals to be performed.

Hindu Wedding Invitations

Hindu Wedding Invitations are specially made for the occasion of a Hindu Marriage and are detailed with the complete information of different ceremonies that are to be held during the course of the wedding. Depicting a complete journey of a marriage on them or simply done with beautiful designs, Hindu Marriage Invitations are indeed very beautiful.
Available in heart warming patterns, the Hindu Marriage Invitations can be as colorful as one's imagination. The cards are laid out with every possible detail of all the important ceremonies, their timings and the locations as well. This is done to help the guests to chalk out their schedules and reach the venues without any difficulty. Available in various colors and sizes Hindu Marriage Invitations also provide the names of the bride's and the groom's parents and their respective places of residence. The names of the hosts are another important detail that is mentioned in the invitations.

The cards are usually made of art sheet or any other decorative material. A striking feature of Hindu Marriage Invitations is that usually the cards have a religious sign embossed on them. The sign may be of Lord Ganesha, or the religious symbol 'Om' or a pot with mango leaves. All of these symbolize a good Omen and a harmonious beginning. Marriage Invitations of the Bengalis also have a butterfly, a symbol of marriage itself. Another popular symbol is that of a baraat, a marriage entourage. Another good omen that is seen on the invitations is the mark of turmeric and vermilion (haldi and kumkum) with some grains of rice fixed upon it.

Nowadays, people send separate cards for separate ceremonies that are to be held during the wedding ceremony. However, it depends entirely upon the choice and budget of a person. Invitations are also decorated with stones, zaris, and laces to add to the look.
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