Muslim Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations are an essential part of every wedding as these are handy in inviting one's friends and relatives to offer their blessings to the couple. The guests come with their families to attend the weddings ceremony. Muslim Wedding Invitations-like any other religion-have an instrumental role in inviting them. Invitation cards in Muslim religion show respect towards the invitees and religion. These wedding Invitations are aesthetically adorned to give it an appealing touch.

Muslim Wedding Invitations

A wedding is incomplete without an invitation. The guests have to be cordially invited to be a part of the ceremony. This is where the invitation cards play a vital role. For the Muslims the cards are of utmost importance as they not only are an invitation but also reflect the respect they have for the invitees and for their religion. Muslim Wedding Invitations (Valima Cards and Nikah cards) are indeed beautifully done and reflect the true colors of the Islamic religion.
Muslim Wedding Invitations are divided into two segments namely Nikah and Valima. Nikah is the marriage ceremony and Valima is the reception that takes place after the marriage ceremony. The Muslim Wedding Invitations might include both the events in one card or two cards may be chosen for the two different occasions. The cards that are sent are indeed very beautiful and are often done elaborately. Muslim Wedding Invitations most of the times consist of some special symbols and designs related to their religion. This makes the cards very special. Invitations are elaborately decorated with kundan or zari work that looks quite attractive. Different types of materials are used for the cards like hand made paper or padded cardboard. The cards often have golden or silver symbols embossed on a stark and colorful background like a shade of red or orange or royal blue. Another special types of cards that are available as the Muslim Wedding Invitations are the 'farmans'. These Cards have two sticks attached at the two end of a card that can be rolled into a 'farman'.
People nowadays take special care about the detailing of their cards and give it a personalized touch to make it a memento that is cherished for a lifetime.
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