Sikh Wedding Invitations
Sikh Wedding Invitations are fine specimens of respect for god and religion. The wedding invitation also portrays respect towards the Sikh faith that is evident in the symbol of 'Ek Onkar' embossed on it. It is not a necessity, but a way to show one's respects towards one's religion. It is one of the ways to seek the blessings of the gods on the auspicious day of weddings.

Sikh Wedding Invitations

One glance at the Sikh Wedding Invitations fills the heart with respect towards the Sikh religion as the cards proudly uphold the symbol of 'Ek Onkar'. It is not a compulsion among the Sikhs to emboss the religious sign but to show one's respect and gratitude towards one's religion, people often emboss their religious symbols over the cards and same is the case with the Sikh Wedding Invitations. It is also, in a way, a gesture to take blessings from the 'guru' to carry on the wedding smoothly.
Sikh Wedding Invitations can be for different occasions. So, there is a separate card for Mehendi, Sangeet or dance party, wedding, reception and also for showing one's gratitude by giving out a thank you card. However, it is not a compulsion to have a separate card for separate occasions as one might not be able to afford it. The Mehendi cards have either Mehendi designs or show off hand that look beautiful with the reddish brown color of Mehendi.

Sikh Wedding Invitations for sangeet have the imprints of people clad in ethnic punjabi dresses dancing away to the beats of a bhangara song. When it comes up to the wedding, the popular choices are the religious symbol with hymns from the religious texts. This is a way of getting blessings from the 'guru' without whom a Sikh wedding is incomplete. Last among the Sikh Wedding Invitations are those of the Reception. There is no such particular detail that has to be given out on this particular category. People try to make it a general one with the 'Pipal' leaf fossil or with any other sign or design of their own choice

Getting different cards for different occasions is the latest trend as one is able to give complete details of the particular occasion and at the same time it gives them a chance to decorate each one with a different symbol or hymn that is religious.
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