Marriages in Hotels
Gone are the days when hotels were only meant to provide accommodation to the visitors. Nowadays hotels all over the globe have emerged as ideal venues for weddings. Keeping pace with the global trend and taking full advantage of their excellent infrastructure the hotels in India are playing a perfect host to the weddings making marriages in hotels a day to day affair

Marriages in Hotels

Hotels across the globe are burgeoning day by day to take the full responsibility to make your marriage a beautiful and unforgettable event. India is one the countries having loads of hotels ranging from its deluxe, luxury and economy categories. These hotels provide you best catering, decoration, banquet and DJ facilities to facilitate marriages in hotels. Almost in every state and in every city, marriages in hotels are practised with the arrangements of the hotel authorities.

Large banquets halls (with or without mandap), excellent food (ranging from traditional to continental), colorful decoration (flowers, rangolies, embroidery work and lighting), enthusiastic DJ and band with dance floors and many other facilities empowered with excellent and quick man service are some essential part of this business. The marriages in hotels are adorned with excellent facilities like comfortable accommodation for the guests. Modern gadgets and technological advancement make these hotels potent for organizing a wedding ceremony.

Rituals and Customs
These hotels take full care to each and every custom and ritual in order to make the trend of marriages in hotels a successful practice. There are several rituals (main wedding and post wedding rituals) which are delicately performed. These hotels take care of every event and every ritual like vara satkaarah, madhuparka, kanya dan, madhuparkha, vivah homa, pani grahan, shila arohan, saptacpadi, abhishek, aashirvadha which are some essential rituals in Hindu marriage.
Special Features
Some marriages in hotels also include special make-up for the bride and grooming sessions for grooms prior to marriage and other ceremonies. These hotels have an excellent management which is quiet helpful to release stress and tension from the family members of both bride and groom because these hotels take full responsibility of the entire event. Couples and guests will definitely enjoy these facilities provided by the hotels for making your wedding a beautiful event. All you have to do is to plan your expenditure and book suitable hotel for marriage according to your liking.
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