Marriages in Temples
Marriages in temples are not a new trend in India as these are the most holy places for these sacred ceremonies where inviting god is a prerequisite. Nowadays the temples wedding are getting more glamorous as more and more couples are opting for it. The form of these marriages may change from region to regions and couples economic, financial and social status have a great impact on the temple weddings.

Marriages in Temples

The marriages in temples are the ceremonies in which there is lot of fun. There are numerous changes which have taken place in the marriages in temples due to the economic, financial and the modern thinking. The majestic marriages of the earlier period do not exist now. Religious awareness is one of the important reasons for this kind of transformation. There are many other practices which are still preserved or are the essential benefits of the culture.
Rituals and Customs
According to the Hindu culture, the bride is considered as the Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi. The bride wears the jewelry from head to toe and a sari which may be red, gold and pink in color. The marriages in temples regard the groom as the Lord Vishnu. The groom wears the 'kafni' with leggings and the family of the groom wears the turban. The bride and the groom undergo rituals on the morning of the marriage and then the ceremony of the 'haldi' is done. After that the bride and the groom arrive at the temple along with their family in a procession. Then the circling of the sacred fire is done in which the priest ties a knot between the bride's sari and the groom's shirt. Then the bride and the groom exchange garlands and rings. The marriages in temples also involve movement of the couple around the blessed fire or the 'agni' to seek blessings. Then the groom ties a gold chain or a simple yellow thread around the bride's neck and also ruts red powder on the bride's hair which symbolizes that the bride is a married woman. Then both the bride and the groom seek blessing from their parents by touching their feet.
Special Features
Most of the marriages in temples consist of a hall according to the length and size of the temple. In most of the temples they have a big place where the people can sit and attend the wedding ceremony. The hall of the temple is always used for the recreational function.
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