Marriages in Clubs
Marriages in clubs are fasting catching as a new phenomenon. As Indian weddings are an elaborate affair with lot of celebrations and great pomp and show the clubs are emerging as new age wedding venues. With an array of amenities these clubs are fast getting prominence as ideal wedding venues. the club weddings in India are one of the new but popular trends known for its informality.

Marriages in Clubs

Marriages in India are celebrated in a lavish style with several pre wedding and post wedding ceremonies. Selecting a wedding location is an important factor while arranging a wedding. Marriages in clubs are interestingly gathering the pace these days. These days, the youngsters prefer to arrange wedding ceremonies in the most informal style.
Rituals and Customs
These marriages in clubs mostly do not have any rituals like the regular weddings. People of all the regions, castes and traditions opt for marriages in clubs. These marriages are the most informal ones. Being an informal wedding, the bride and the groom also wear western dresses and not the traditional ones.

There are many clubs that offer various wedding services. One can arrange for informal receptions at the clubs. The marriages in clubs would be unlike the regular marriages with all the customs and rituals. Various entertainment shows could be arranged at the clubs. If one is a member of a particular club, then he may avail of various discounts. However, some of the clubs provide in-house catering along with other features.

Special Features
Marriages in clubs are organized by many people these days. The long wedding celebration is cut short and also the wedding costs are cut down. There is a DJ arranged at marriages in clubs and people tap their feet with the pace of the music. Marriages at clubs, unlike the regular weddings are very much filled with fun-n-frolic. The clubs are decorated in the latest trends to give it a celebration classic look.
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