Marriages in Churches
Anyone can marry in church irrespective of his/her religious beliefs and faith they are practicing. Marriages in churches are not only meant for Christians but peoples of other religions also are fast catching on this trend. It is not essential to be baptised or be a catholic in order to tie the nuptial knots here, as churches welcome everyone with equal respects to solemnise their weddings and letting them embark on a new journey together.

Marriages in Churches

To get married in the church, it is more important to first inform the nearby parish or the church in which the registration of the fellow member is done. The decision is mostly made by the local tribunal. The local tribunal ensures this by taking the help of another tribunal to conform the decision before the declaration of the issue. The two main churches that are found in the Christian religion are the Roman Catholic and the Protestants.
Rituals and Customs
The marriages in churches are either done directly or with engagement ceremony. The ceremony begins by making the sign of the cross on both the engaged couple and the engagement ring three times. The significant of the engagement ring is the promise of the marriage. The priest prays to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit to bless the couple. Then the prayer of thanksgiving is made by the priest in which the thanksgiving of everyone is presented to the Lord.

The rituals of the marriages in churches follow the traditions as practiced by any normal Christian family. The bride and the groom along with the family members come to the altar. During this process, the choir of the church sings hymns. Then Bible is read by the priest, after which the groom and the bride come forward along with two of the witnesses in whose presence they take the vows and become men and wife. The ceremony of ring exchanging is done by the priest with the pray, then they are declared as man and wife. The holy process ends with the uttering of the vows as the priest asks the groom to kiss the bride. The dress of the bride is always in a white color with some fancy designs and the groom wears a formal suite according to the customs of marriages in churches.

Special Features
The marriages in churches are governed by the approach that the meaning of the marriage is the flow of God's grace in couple. The Catholic Church believes in the marriage of a baptized man with baptized women. It is a sign of God bestowing the grace to the married couple.
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