Marriages in Parks
Your wedding is most auspicious occasion of your life and you want to let grow your natural liking for each other. You can give your natural instincts a further impetus by tying knots at a natural location like parks. Marriages in parks are not a new phenomenon but these days these venues are one of the hot favourites among couples who want to do something different and having a love for nature. So, you can seek the blessings of Mother Nature on your nuptials in park.

Marriages in Parks

Getting married at one of the most beautiful parks could be an ideal way to kick-start a fabulous life with the partner. Wedding day is the most special day for everyone's life. Marriages in parks could be a great and unique idea. One can arrange the wedding ceremony at the foot of nature and enjoy the wedding while relishing the beautiful nature at the park.
Rituals and Customs
Marriages in parks can be accomplished by following different approaches. The wedding could have various rituals and customs performed. However, it could also be a formal wedding or a reception. Photographs of the marriages in parks could be beautiful with the nature as its background. The bride and groom could wear traditional costumes for marriage in parks.

These parks could be decorated with a wedding theme to add charm to the celebration. One can arrange for various entertainment programs at the wedding ceremony. The park weddings are partly informal weddings. People of all culture and traditions practice this type of wedding. One needs to take permission in order to arrange weddings in parks. However, if one has a wedding planner then, one need not worry, as everything would be arranged by him.

Special Features
Now-a-days, people are opting for marriages in parks to break the monotony of traditional marriages. Marriages in parks make the weddings different from the regular weddings. A wedding in open air and natural beauty all around could be a fantastic wedding location. People arrange for weddings at various near by parks and add various entertainment programs to make it more colorful.
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