South Indian Weddings
The south Indian Weddings are predominant from of marriage in south India. Weddings in south India have different types due to presence of people with different religious faiths. The weddings are known for strict adherence to the rites and rituals. South Indian weddings are elaborate affairs and extend over a long period; these Weddings are known for fun, revelry and lavishness in addition to strict observance to Hindu customs.

South Indian Weddings

South Indian weddings are different from the normal weddings that are held around the other parts of India . The family members and friends of the couple come together for the celebration, where various cultural and traditional customs are performed. The gate of the wedding hall is decorated with trees that signify endless generations of evergreen nature. The doors are decorated with garlands of mango leaves that make it more pious. South Indian weddings also conduct the ritual of "Kolam" and draw a 'rangoli design' at the doorstep that makes the house look more welcoming.
Rituals and Customs
According to the customs, in the South Indian weddings, the bridegrooms are welcomed in the temple and are escorted to the mandap by their parents. The function is called "Janna Vasam" in South India. There are a few prayer ceremonies conducted at the temple that are followed by the main wedding procession.

During the main South Indian wedding ceremony, the feet of bride and groom are washed with milk and dried with silk cloth by the bride's father. The bride then holds the grooms hand and walks around the fire which is considered as the most important part of the wedding called the "Saptha Padhi".

There are a number of customs and rituals conducted in a South Indian wedding and attending at least one of this rites would be a great experience. The prayer ceremonies, traditional rituals, the decorations of the wedding hall and the costumes of the couple are a great feature of South Indian Weddings. There are also unique reception parties where the bride sings for the groom.
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