East Indian Weddings
Weddings are known for fun, feasts and over and above the all great symbolism and rituals. The country called India is known for its diversities that are evident in its language, culture, food and lifestyle. Such a country can't have a uniform wedding style. East Indian weddings share a great similarity with traditions of Hindu weddings performed across the country. The East Indian wedding comprise of wedding traditions of West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and states of northeast India.

East Indian Weddings

Although Indian Weddings have things in common, there are some regional variations. The East Indian weddings of India mainly include the weddings that take place in Assam, Bengal, and Orissa as well as the northeaster states like Manipur, Meghalaya and others. However, the common thread that binds them together is the traditional rituals observed during these weddings. The common things in these East Indian weddings are like the 'Kanyadaan' ceremony where the bride is handed over to the groom, the celebrations and the importance of chanting religious hymns.
Rituals and Customs
In the Bengali Wedding Ceremony, the groom is taken to the bride's home. On arrival, they are welcomed with fresh flowers. Baran Dala ceremony is carried out by the elderly women in the house. There is the Shubho Drishti ritual performed when the groom and the bride first see each other. In the Mala Badal ceremony flower, garlands are exchanged between the groom and the bride. There are other rituals like Saat Paak and Sampradhan after which the couple is considered married . Bashi Biye and Basar Ghar are post-wedding ceremonies.

The Assamese marriage ceremonies are not very elaborate but have rituals like the bathing custom and serving of food before the actual ceremony. The bride is given more importance in Assamese weddings. The Orissa wedding in the East Indian Wedding type is not very different from the traditional Hindu marriage ceremony.

There are some special features of the East Indian Weddings in India that distinguish it from other Indian weddings. In the Assamese wedding, the food consists of items like fish and meat, which is not common in North Indian Wedding Types. The bridegroom has to move with the procession and has to pay a big sum to enter the bride's house. All these constraints and bantering, make the occasion really interesting.
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