NRI Weddings
NRI weddings are best known for its pomp and show. In recent years the NRI weddings have emerged as most extravagant and lavish forms of marriages observed in India. Love for the country and enchanting wedding rituals are the prime factors behind NRI weddings. The people in India also want their children settled abroad to tie the nuptial knot.

NRI Weddings

NRI weddings are the most extravagant and lavish wedding affairs that take place in India. The NRI families choose India, because they yearn for the Indian culture and want their children to get married according to the tradition and rituals. The NRI weddings become the most talked about event in the media and sometimes these weddings are also called as celebrity weddings. The most popular venues for NRI weddings are either cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur and others in Rajasthan or the lovely beaches in Kerala.

The unique thing about such weddings is that the celebrations last for many days and the guests can really have a gala time. NRI weddings also include the marriages of famous Indian celebrities. One of the most famous NRI weddings has been that of Arun Nayar the software tycoon to British Actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Rituals and Customs
NRI weddings are performed according to the proper traditional Indian wedding rituals. The Hindu NRI families prefer the traditional rituals of the Hindu culture like the chanting of the mantras, worshipping fire, taking vows and the traditional Indian clothes of the bride and the groom. In short, the marriage ceremony of NRIs is carried out in a sacred manner and the celebrations are extravagant where many noted men and celebrities can be seen
The highlights of the NRI weddings India are many, but their specialty is their grandeur. The India NRI weddings are a royal affair that wins hearts of many. There is a great blend of the Indian and Western styles of celebrations. Politicians, businessmen, sports stars, famous actors and actresses, and other influential individuals witness these weddings. Millions of dollars and pounds are spent on the NRI weddings and hence, are undoubtedly the talk of the town.
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