North Indian Weddings
North Indian Weddings are best known for its ostentatious pomp and show. Besides, this form of marriage is observed in adherence to popular norm and beliefs of the religions concerned. North Indian Weddings are even getting popular worldwide and thus attracting a good number of foreigners and NRI's to tie the nuptial knots on the Indian soil. These forms of weddings are considered on the most prevalent form of marriage.

North Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are unique because of their adherence to traditions and customs of India. Couples wed in the presence of constant chanting of religious mantras and they come to know about the importance of the commitment. The North Indian weddings strictly follow religious rituals .

Elaborate ceremonies are lined up in the North Indian weddings. The main aspect is the deciding of the occasion or the muhurat. The Brahmins are consulted for the auspicious occasion and this pre-wedding ceremony takes place at the bride's house.

Rituals and Customs
The rituals and customs in the North Indian weddings provide both families to rejoice to the fullest. The 'baraat' or the procession arrives at the bride's home but before that, there is the Mangni or Sagai ceremony, which is the engagement ceremony.

In the North Indian weddings, the father of the bride welcomes the groom on arrival with honey and yogurt. Then there is the fire worshipping and in the Rajaham ceremony, during which several offerings are made. The bride and the groom exchange garlands. Mangal Phere or the seven pious rounds around the fire take place immediately.

The highlights of the North Indian weddings include a number of things. People of all age groups come together and enjoy the light-hearted bantering that takes place. The traditional dishes are relished together by the guests. Finally the 'bidai' takes place, where the parents of the bride say good-bye to their daughter and wish for a happy married life.
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