Tamil Wedding Day Customs

Tamil Wedding Day Customs

After completing all the Tamil pre-wedding customs, the big day of wedding is now come for the bride and the groom. On the day of wedding, they will tie the knot to each other to stay together for the entire life. But before devoting their life to each other, the couple has to go through a number of rituals. Tamil weddings are just a simple affair unlike the north Indian weddings. But despite of the simple nature, Tamil wedding are fun to attend for all the guests. Go through the several wedding day rituals, which are practiced in Tamil traditions.

Mangala Snaanam & Kashi Yatra

A few hours before the wedding, oil and tilak of haldi-kumkum apply on to the bride and the groom, at their respective homes. Soon after, they take the mangala snaanam or holy bath. After the holy bath, the groom pretended that he will leave all the family responsibilities and will go to Kashi. The father of the bride comes and stops the groom and persuades him to take the responsibilities of his daughter by doing marriage with her. The groom accepts the offer of the bride's father and heads towards the wedding venue.

Exchange of Garlands & Oonjal

After the ceremony of mangala snaanam and kashi yatra, the bride and the groom exchange garland for three times. They sit together on a swing and the married women give the newly wed couple spoonful of milk and banana pieces to eat.

Kanyadaanam & Muhurtham

The father of the bride receives her on the mandapam where the bride's mother applies kajal on the groom's eyes. The father washes the feet of his son-in-law. After that, the bride sits on her father's lap along with a coconut in her hand. Subsequently, the bride and her father offer coconut to the bridegroom. Meanwhile, the mother of the bride puts water over the coconut. This ceremony is called as kanyadaanam.

After the kanyadaanam ceremony, sister-in-law and other family members help her to wear nine-yard sari and enter at the mandapam. A plate full of rice is kept on the floor and father of the bride sit on this and she sits on his lap. The bride's forehead is touched with the yolk of farmer's axe. Thereafter, the groom ties the mangalsutra around her neck. The guests standing or sitting around cheer the majestic moment.


During the Saptapadi ceremony, the groom takes his bride right hand in his left hand and walk seven rounds of the sacred fire for seven times. In each round, the bride touches her feet to the grindstone with the hope of maintaining their relationship for the lifetime.

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