Tamil Post Wedding Customs

Tamil Post Wedding Customs

After tying the knot with each other, the bride and the groom will have to sit and attend all the post-wedding customs. The rituals after the wedding event are as important as the previous ones. The Tamil post wedding customs start from grihapravesh ceremony conducted for the bride. The family members of the groom's home welcome, wholeheartedly, the new bride by throwing a rocking reception party and performing certain rituals. Here are some rituals and customs that are belonged to Tamil post wedding days.

Sammandhi Mariyathai

In the Sammandhi Mariyathai ceremony, the families of both the bride and the groom exchange attractive gifts and clothes to each other as the gesture of concluding the wedding ceremony.

Laaja Homam & Paaladaanam Custom

During the laaja homam ceremony, the brother of the bride presents rice to the groom that he drops to the sacred fire. While performing this ritual, both the bride and the groom seek blessings of the holy fire. Thereafter, Paaladaanam custom is conducted in which the couple takes the blessings of elder members by touching their feet.


The ceremony of Grihapravesham marks the entrance of the bride at her new home. At the entrance of home, aarti is performed by the ladies of groom's family. After that, various palatable cuisines served at the wedding venue, when the newly married couple returns from home.


To mark the entrance of new bride at the groom's home, the family of the groom conducts a wonderful reception party for the couple. The family members and the guests wear attractive clothes and enjoy the pleasure of mouth-watering cuisines. The elderly relatives offer blessings to the couple for having a happy married life.

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