Tamil Pre Wedding Customs

Tamil Pre Wedding Customs

The rituals and ceremonies in Tamil wedding are performed few weeks prior to the auspicious occasion. The families of both the bride and the groom start preparing for the wedding well before the day of marriage. The pre-wedding customs start from fixing the date and time and then followed by other rituals. It is where the couple and their families initiate their new relationship, new celebrations and new emotions. Given below are the various pre wedding customs practiced in a Tamil wedding.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

The first custom perform at the Tamil wedding is Panda Kaal Muhurtham. It is usually conducted a day prior to the wedding in which both the families pray to the Almighty and ensure hassle free wedding event.


Nalangu custom is conducted in the home of bride. She is asked to sit on a wooden board on a podium. Beneath the wooden board, a banana leaf with raw rice is kept. A married woman performs aarti on the bride and applies sandalwood paste, splash rose water, kumkum on her.

Welcoming the Groom

The groom along with his family arrives at the wedding location a day prior to the wedding where they are welcomed by offering paan supari, mishri, flowers and fruits. The bride's brother greeted him by applying a tilak on his forehead and garlands him. Soon after the bride's family welcomes the groom's family with milk made sweet dish. An elder relative from the bride's family performs aarti for couple and then a coconut is cracked open on the ground.


The ritual of Vratham is performed by both the families a day before the wedding. The couple chant religious hymns in the presence of a priest and seek blessings of elder members of their families.


In the ceremony of Naandi, a small number of priests and Brahmins are flattered with some sweets and wonderful gifts. On the other hand, the Brahmins bless the wedding couple for having a nice married life.


During the Nicchiyadharatham ceremony, the bride's parents perform prayers to Lord Ganesha under the guidance of a priest. The family of groom gifts a new sari to the bride and applied a tilak on her forehead. The pallu of bride's sari is filled with turmeric, kumkum, fruits, beetle nuts, coconut and besides that a flower garland is tied around her waist. At the end of the ceremony, aarti is performed for the bride.

Reading of Lagna Pathirigai

The last Tamil pre-wedding ceremony is conducted in the form of lagna pathirigai. In the ritual, the priest read lagna pathirigai along with Tamil Brahmins. Subsequently, the priest reveals the important details regarding the marriage such as muhurtham and the location of the auspicious occasion. At last, the family members and other guests enjoy the delicious cuisines.

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