Sindhi Wedding Day Customs

Sindhi Wedding Day Customs

In the Sindhi wedding, all the pre-wedding rituals are followed by the auspicious occasion of wedding. The bride is trying to hold her nerves because she will be the queen at the event, whereas, the groom also gears up to ensure comfortable and enjoyable wedlock. Since the Sindhi marriages are lavish affairs, therefore, everyone at the event would like to wear attractive dresses, particularly the soon-to-be-wed couple. Apart from that, there are many rituals and customs also being practiced by the couple and their families, these are given in the following lines:

Thread Ceremony

The first wedding day ceremony is conducted in the form of thread ceremony. In this ceremony, turmeric powder and oil is applied to the bride and the groom in their own home. After applying this, they are not allowed to go outside from their home.


The swagatam ceremony is a very interesting wedding-day ritual. The sisters and other female relatives take groom to the bride's place and then he places his right foot on the top of the bride's foot, at the entrance. This custom confirms the dominating strength of the groom over the bride in their future married life. Soon after, the groom enters at the bride's house and the brother of the bride washes his sister and her groom's feet with milk and water.

Hathialo Tradition

During the Hathialo ceremony, the groom's scarf is knotted to the one end of the bride's sari and also their right hands together by a sacred thread. Thereafter, the couple performs prayer to the Almighty for having a nice married life.


Once the Hathialo tradition is completed, the couple and their families prepare for the wedding rituals. The bride and the groom sit in front of the sacred fire while the priest chants religious hymns. Meanwhile, the couple takes four rounds of sacred fire by taking vows. After that, the groom takes the bride's hand to his forehead and accepts her as his wife. The heads of the couple are held together, which signifies that they are now devoted to each other.


Perhaps the most sacred and emotional ritual for the bride's parents is performing the Kanyadaan. During this ceremony, the parents of the bride hand over their daughter's hand to the groom and appeal him to accept her as his better half. The ritual of Kanyadaan is followed by Vidaai in which the bride is taken towards the home of her husband.

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