Sindhi Pre Wedding Customs

Sindhi Pre Wedding Customs

Weddings in the Sindhi culture are majestically blended with lavishness and exoticness. One can pump up its legs to the various dance steps at the grand Sindhi wedding event. The rituals and traditions are conducted on the basis of colorful and traditional values. The customs start from matching the horoscope of the girl and the boy and then fixing the date and time of the marriage. These rituals, which are held well before the D-Day, are called pre-wedding rituals.

Kachchi Misri

The first pre-wedding custom is conducted in the form of Kachchi Misri or Kuchcha shagun. It is held after the mutual consent of both the families. During this ritual, mishri and coconut is given to the bride and the groom, which confirms that they have now become from two to one.

Pakki Mishri

After the ceremony of Kachchi Misri, the Pakki Mishri custom is conducted. It is an engagement ceremony where the to-be bride and the groom exchange rings to each other in front of the relatives and friends.

Berana Satsang

Ten days before the wedding, berana satsang is held in the name of the Sindhi God - Jhulelal. The ceremony of berana satsang is confirms the beginning of the wedding ceremonies.


The ritual of mehendi is more traditional and charming, particularly for the ladies. Beautiful designs of mehendi applied on the hands and feet of the bride. During this time, the female relatives of the bride's family sing traditional wedding songs. Besides that, the groom and the bride are asked to wear their old discarded apparels after the mehendi ceremony is completed. These apparels are then swathed and thrown into the sea.

Santh Custom

During the Santh custom, seven married female members apply oil to the girl's head on the night before the wedding. Thereafter, an earthen pot is kept in front of the bride, which she has to break its cover in one go. If the bride is successful in one time, then it is referred to as the good sign.

Sangeet party

Sangeet ceremony is the most charming pre-wedding ritual. This ceremony is generally held at the bride's home where her family members sing various songs of wedding and others by chancing various dance steps.

Saagri Custom

In the Saagri custom, the sisters and cuisines of the groom visit bride's home and bring jewelry made from mogra flowers. They also bring silk which the bride has to wear along with flower jewelry. This ceremony is conducted in the evening time and during the night, the groom arrive at bride's home where he is welcomed with garlands and then special feast.

Ghari Puja

The ritual of Ghari Puja is conducted by both the families of the bride and the groom, at their respective homes. Prayers are performed with rice, coconut, wheat grains, turmeric, oil and various spices. During the puja, married female relative grind wheat and the groom presents grains to the priest.


After performing all the above ceremonies, the groom along with the Baraat arrives at the bride's home. Wedding songs and dancing make the procession a walk of entertainment and celebrations. When the Baraat arrives at the entrance of the bride's home, it is welcomed by the bride's parents and other family members.

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