Sindhi Post Wedding Customs

Sindhi Post Wedding Customs

After performing all the rituals at the connubial affair, the newly wed couple will now have to rejuvenate their energy for the various post-wedding day rituals. These customs are as important as the pre-wedding and wedding day rituals and thus the bride and the groom have to perform all the rituals days after the wedding. In the Sindhi traditions, there are certain post-wedding rituals from the arrival of the bride at her new home to the sataurah custom. Given below are the post-wedding rituals that are performed in Sindhi wedding.


Datar ceremony in the Sindhi tradition is a gesture of welcoming the new bride. Her arrival is announced by drum beating. At the entrance of the groom's home, the family members wash their daughter-in-law's feet. Meanwhile, the bride showers milk throughout the home and the groom's home cover her head. Thereafter, the bride takes a handful of salt and keeps it the groom's hand which he gives back to her without dropping any salt. However, datar ceremony is also conducted by the family members.


The ritual of chhanar is considered as the completion of wedding. This tradition is also considered as Dev Uthana. During this custom, Devs, which is meant when chakki installed as a totemic deity, is removed and all the wedding rituals are now completed.

Sataurah Custom

For the first time after their marriage, the newly married couple visits the bride's home, it is called Sataurah custom. At the bride's home, her parents present attractive gifts of jewelry, clothes, fruits and sweets to the couple and bless them with good wishes.

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