Rajput Rajasthani Wedding Day Customs

Rajput Rajasthani Wedding Day Customs

Weddings in India are one of its striking features when it comes to the celebrations and enjoyment. The nuptial couple should have lots of aspirations regarding the big event. They tie the knot with each other and vow to walk together at every step of their life. Marriage is the union of not just the wedding couple but also their families. The implement of the wedding is done on the basis of various rituals and traditions, which are conducted well before the wedding event to the post-wedding days. Nevertheless, this article will focus on the Rajput Rajasthani Wedding day customs.


When the groom along with procession or Baraat arrives at the place of the bride, he is welcomed by all the relatives of the bride. The female members, in particular, perform aarti of the groom and later the brother of the bride takes the groom within the venue.

Saat Phere

At the mandap, the bride and the groom perform saat pheras or seven rounds of the sacred fire. The Priest chant religious hymns to seek the blessings of the Almighty. After they completed the seven rounds, the elder family members bless the couple for having a nice married life.

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