Rajput Rajasthani Pre Wedding Customs

Rajput Rajasthani Pre Wedding Customs

Rajput weddings in Rajasthan are the hues of cultural and historical aspects. It is an event that summarizes the way of living of the Rajasthani people. Traditional wedding dresses, exotic venue and above all the traditional rituals are some of the features of Rajput Rajasthani marriages. The rituals and customs in such wedding can be categorized into the pre-wedding, wedding days and post-wedding customs. All the customs in Rajput wedding have historical and religious significance. However, this article will provide you the features of pre wedding-day customs in Rajput Rajasthani wedding.


The first pre-wedding ceremony is conducted as Tilak custom. During this ceremony, the brother of the bride applies tilak on to the forehead of the groom and presents some attractive gifts to him. There is a common tradition that only the father, brother and other male relatives of the bride's family attend this ceremony, without any female relative.

Ganapati Sthapana and Griha Shanti

During this ceremony, a havan is conducted by either the groom's family or the bride's family. It is held to worship the Almighty and later an idol of Lord Ganapati is installed. All the wedding rituals would be performed only after the sthapana or installation.

Pithi Dastoor

On the ceremony of Pithi Dastoor, the turmeric and sandalwood paste applies on to the body of the groom and the bride, at their respective places. After having the paste, both the groom and the bride are not allowed to go outside till the wedding. During the ceremony, the ladies of the family sing wedding songs and enjoy dancing to make the atmosphere more alluring.

Mahira Dastoor

Mahira Dastoor is one of the important ceremonies in Rajput wedding. On this occasion, maternal uncles of both sides arrive at the homes of the bride and the groom, respectively. On their arrival, they are given attractive presents by the family members.


After the Mahira Dastoor, Janev ceremony is conducted at the groom's home. During this rite, the groom wears the sacred thread by performing a havan under the guidance of a Priest. The groom has two choices of either becoming an ascetic or getting married. After that, he acts as to become ascetic but his maternal uncle stops him and convinces him to accept responsibilities of married life.

Palla Dastoor

At the Palla Dastoor ceremony, the relatives of the groom's family arrive at the bride's home and present her clothes and jewelry, which she has to wear in the wedding event.

Rajput Baraat

In the Rajput Baraat, unlike in other Indian weddings, is only men's affair. There is no dancing in the streets. The groom rides either elephant or horse along with a sword. In fact, each and every male member at the procession carry sword.

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