Rajput Rajasthani Post Wedding Customs

Rajput Rajasthani Post Wedding Customs

Indian weddings are worldwide known for their unique and traditional customs. Marriage is the bond of two individuals and their families. There are many places in India, which have different wedding traditions. Among them, Rajasthani weddings are perhaps the most vivacious in nature. Rajput weddings in Rajasthan are comprised of sumptuous and imposing affairs. Apart from that, the Rajput Rajasthani rituals illustrate the true essence of Rajput culture. Given below are the several post-wedding customs that are usually performed at the Rajput Rajasthani wedding.


After all the marriage rituals performed, the ceremony of Bidaai is conducted in which the bride has to leave her parents and live forever at the home of the groom. This is the most emotional ceremony that conducted in all Indian weddings.


In Rajput tradition, the bride is considered as equivalent to Goddess Lakshmi. The arrival of the bride at the groom's home is the time of celebrations for the family members. At the entrance, the bride performs the ritual of Grihapravesh in which the lady members conducts aarti of the bride and takes her within the home.


The Pagelagni ceremony is conducted after the wedding day. The bride, who is still in veil, is formally introduced to all the members of the groom's family who bless by presenting wonderful gifts to her. Thereafter, the veil is then finally removed from the face of the bride.

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